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July 17, 2015 my parents were dining and enjoying at their restaurant suddenly my father had a massive stroke and for three days laid in the hospital bed hooked up to machines and tubes July 20, 2015 he passed away.   At this moment I did not realize how important the stages of grief would mean to my life, it was surreal.  All I knew, the faster I work through my grief the better of I would be, dealing with emotions never felt before was frightening at the time.  Each stage of the grieving process forced me to face my sadness and sorrow for father head on and straight through acceptance.

July 2017 my brother-in-law passed away from lung cancer.  You see he was a New York Sanitation supervisor at the time September 11, 2001, remember the horrible gray dust, well not realizing at the time it was the beginning of the lung cancer.  By the way my father’s name is Jeff, my brother-in-law’s name is Jeff. Even though I am satisfied with the each step I’ve taken through the grieving process for my father, I am sadden all over again for Jeff.  Again I need to face the sadness and sorrow and work through the stages and work through acceptance.


Let’s share and help each through our grief, it is so nice to know we have a place to share our grief.

I will share my thoughts and what I’ve learned through the stages of grief….Stay Tuned

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