‘About Page’ It’s Important!

It is true, first impressions is what grabs our buyers and lure them in and let them shop.  Visual eye candy and content, our about page is very important to our potential buyers.  The more they get to know you most likely they will trust and buy from you.  So as we learn how to market our shops have a great ‘About Page’ is an opportunity to improve and grab more sales.

‘About’ page – Tell Your Story

‘About’ page is all about us the shop owner.  Tell your story, let your personality come through, here are a few tips:

  • why and how you started your shop
  • what excites you about creating
  • what you enjoy doing in your spare time
  • your family – your spouse, kids and pets
  • your creative process
  • any anecdotes about your journey as an artist and a seller
  • what is unique about your shop / service
  • handmade – what raw materials you use
  • vintage – what you look for in pieces
  • anything else that paints a picture about you as a person and a seller

‘About’ page – How To

1. Place your mouse on the ‘Your Shop’ middle icon, top right corner of your screen.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on 7th category ‘Shop settings’.

3. Select ‘About Your Shop’ then click ‘Story’.

4. Story Headline:  One sentence that conveys an impression and leads us to your story.

5.  Story – Create a story about you, use the above bullet list and write something about you and your shop.  I recommend starting with a rough draft, edit and then include the story.

Any questions contact me anytime.


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